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Managing Director's Message

SAHCO was conceived in 1975 with a vision to help the new country, our dear motherland in its march towards economic development through the promotion of democracy and democratic values in the country. Our commitment was to play a major role as an associate of foreign companies for the development of the country's economy. I am happy to note that in this short period of time, our assiduous efforts and determination helped SAHCO to become one of the leading business houses in Bangladesh. Guided by a comprehensive view of the country's economic and development needs, we have completed numerous projects with the help of state of the art technology and expertise. SAHCO is proud of having an excellent engineering team and efficient squad of technical staff for successfully carrying out Research & Development (R & D) together with design works in various areas of national development. SAHCO has successfully completed lot of civil engineering projects, general constructions including large scale infrastructure, urban development, land and water development, information technology and communication. In addition to its successful contribution in the development activities in Bangladesh, it has expanded its activities in social sectors as well. We believe that economic development in the country remains incomplete without improvement, pari passu, in the Social Sector and promotion of Human Rights awareness in the country. With this end in view, we had established the SAHCO Development Center (SDC) as a nonprofit, non-government organization to carry out activities in the fields of environment, clean air, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) at grass roots level. SAHCO constructed a number of educational facilities in the rural areas including schools and colleges from its own resources, as part of its commitment to the development of social sectors along with human resources. I believe, through this approach of economic development with a humane face, we shall contribute better to the achievement of Millennial Development Goals (MDG) in ensuring poverty reduction in the country.
On behalf of SAHCO, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our business friends and entrepreneurs in various fields for their continuing support, guidance and cooperation. Standing on the threshold of the 21st century, SAHCO, with the support of its friends and well-wishers at home and abroad, will take advantage of both the challenges and the window of opportunity for taking Bangladesh to the level of a Middle Income Developing Country by 2015 as envisioned in the report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

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