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Urban & Regional Development

SAHCO also carries out:
  • Design and construction of University, College & School building
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Tourism Development
  • Industrial Development Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • The latest scientific design techniques to facilitate office work.
  • Design and construction of office & commercial building
SAHCO serves as consultant in designing of all types of development plans including urban and regional plans, master plans. It also acts as a consultant in designing of different types of building structures, utilizing various materials of construction and the extensive experience SAHCO has gained in the field of structural analysis and design, particularly with regard to the development of advanced structural systems and the effect of wind and temperature. SAHCO thus provides its clients with the best possible planning and the best architectural and structural engineering services.
SAHCO is always conscious of the need of maintaining effective client interaction, efficient project management and the highest technical skills in its work.
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